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What is The Modern Fatherhood Club?

Designed with dad in mind we bring fathers together and create long lasting connections and community.


Welcome to The Modern Fatherhood Club - a space designed specifically for fathers to connect, share, and learn from one another. Our community is dedicated to advancing the fatherhood agenda, breaking stigmas, and providing the resources and support networks necessary for dads to thrive.

As a new dad, you may feel overwhelmed and isolated. That's why we're here to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can talk through the challenges and work towards solutions. Our focus is on your wellbeing as a modern dad, and we provide the space to have open conversations about the unique circumstances you face.

We believe that fatherhood is about balance - balancing your responsibilities as a parent, partner, and individual. Our community is centered around the principles of community, connection, and conversation. We want every dad to feel heard and supported, and to have a place where they can talk freely without judgment.

Join our community today and start connecting with other like-minded fathers. Let's work together to create a brighter future for dads everywhere.

We recognise the pressure of modern fatherhood and we focus on supporting you through it.

This isn’t about answering the basic questions, this is about protecting the health, wellbeing, and confidence of new and experienced fathers. Ultimately, TMFC was born out of necessity. By raising the profile of fathers, their role in the modern world and providing them with the space to share and build resilience we believe they will gain the tools to help manage the stress and pressure of modern fatherhood.

Founder and father of two, Aidan

As a father of two and the founder of TMFC, I understand first-hand the challenges and pressures that come with modern fatherhood.

Before becoming a dad, I pushed myself to the brink of collapse and found myself isolated and in need of support. That's why I'm passionate about creating a community for fathers that provides the same level of education, resources, and support that mothers have access to.

Fathers are often left to cope on their own, internalising the strain and pressures that come with fatherhood. This can lead to isolation and a lack of confidence, which can have devastating effects on the family unit. We need to take a more measured, connected approach to fatherhood, leading by example and cultivating the resilience needed to navigate its demands.

In the absence of local community, fathers are turning to the internet and apps for support. While these communities are important, they lack the authenticity, loyalty, trust, and face-to-face conversation that real-world connections provide. That's why we're committed to building a community that fosters these connections, providing a safe space for fathers to air their grievances, talk through challenges, and discuss mental health and child development.

Statistics show that more than 1.2 million dads are committed to dad groups online, but we believe that real-world connections are critical to building the confidence and resilience needed to thrive in fatherhood. We're here to provide that support and community, so that fathers can lead with confidence, guide by example, and navigate the challenges of modern fatherhood with resilience and strength.

By putting you first we help you to put your family first.

Born out of necessity we exist to tackle the issues facing the modern-day dad and aim to provide him with the resources, education, support and the platform to tackle the conversations that many men and fathers find difficult to talk about.

TMFC offers a safe space for dads to talk through their challenges and be heard without distraction. We aim to provide a platform for authentic conversations and to help dads articulate what they are facing. The rules of engagement are simple: listen without interruption or offering an opinion until the person has had a chance to speak their piece.

Through building community and breaking down barriers, TMFC hopes to show that seeking support is not a sign of weakness, but rather a necessary step towards building resilience and thriving in the role of a modern dad.

" We put the advancement of the father figure in society at the core of everything we do!"

Aidan, Founder TMFC

"We respect openness and honesty. We ask questions, challenge, and encourage straight-talking authentic communication."

Aidan, Founder TMFC

"We take the pressures of modern fathers seriously and we model the strength and resilience needed to be a modern dad."

Aidan, Founder TMFC


Join the community putting fathers first and become a free member.

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